SUPAHERO: Replacement battery

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We offer a 3-year guarantee on the battery installed in the SUPAHERO. We allow trained personnel to replace it themselves.

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SUPAHERO: Replacement battery
SUPAHERO: Replacement battery Sale price€58,25 EUR
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Compatible to
  • HERO series
  • SUPAHERO series

Our replacement battery is specially designed for the HERO and SUPAHER series. With the included instructions, replacing the battery is child's play. No soldering is necessary, as the contacts are connected via clamp connectors.


Compatible series: HERO, SUPAHERO

Easy exchange:
Included instructions: Detailed instructions guide you step by step through the replacement process.
No soldering required: The contacts are connected safely and easily via clamp connectors.
Important note: Make sure the polarity of the contacts is correct. Incorrect installation can lead to product defects.

User-friendly: Simple replacement without soldering saves time and effort.
Safety: The clamp connectors ensure a safe and stable connection.
Durability: The battery offers reliable performance and extends the life of your HERO and SUPAHER series devices.
Replace your old or defective battery with our high-quality replacement battery and ensure that your devices always remain operational and efficient.

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Customs tariff numbers: 85078000
country of origin: Germany
Product dimensions: 20mm x 40mm x 59.5mm
Weight: 70 grams

Scope of delivery: Accumulator
Scope of delivery: Instructions
Scope of delivery: connector