MCII loading board 25x

Production time: 2-4 weeks

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The charging panels are quickly assembled and ready for immediate use. Up to 25 lights from the MCII series can be charged simultaneously. Our new charging cradles with spring pressure pins are used to enable the longest possible and maintenance-free use .

The M-series 25 charging board is available with or without an anti-theft device . The anti-theft device allows the light to be locked during charging and offers the option of securely hanging objects such as travel tokens when removing the light.

execution: without anti-theft protection

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Technical specifications

IX-loading board 25x
IX-loading board 25x Sale priceFrom €1.622,73 EUR
IX-loading board 10x
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IX-Charging board 6x
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25x lights

10x lights

6x lights

Power supply





605mm x 110mm x 525mm

605mm x 110mm x 225mm

365mm x 110mm x 225mm


The charging boards ensure orderly charging of all lighting tools and faster processes within the team.


The anti-theft device allows you to lock the lights quickly and easily. This means that each light always stays with the same user.


Ensures a constant energy transfer to the lamp, even after long periods of use.

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Product Information

IX-loading board 25x
IX-loading board 25x Sale priceFrom €1.622,73 EUR
item number

KS-5525-IX / KS-5525/2417

Switching levels

Special switching stages


Input voltage:
AC110-230V 50/60Hz

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country of origin: Germany
Product dimensions: 605mm x 110mm x 525mm
Weight: 14kg

Scope of delivery:Charging board
Scope of delivery: power plug
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