Magnets for helmet lights

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The magnet can be attached to the helmet lights and thus enables magnetic adaptation to machines, for example. Please note that the lights must be equipped with the standard holder (KS-2140). An M6 nut is required for installation.

Compatible with IX Series, MX Series, MC Series, MCII Series, 6001 Series, 6002 Series and 6003 Series lights.

Use this practical magnet to flexibly and securely attach your helmet lights to various metallic surfaces. Ideal for workshops, industrial applications and anywhere where quick and easy positioning of your lights is required.

Size: 25mm

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Magnets for helmet lights
Magnets for helmet lights Sale priceFrom €6,08 EUR
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KS-5532 /KS-5533

Compatible to
  • IX series
  • 6003 series
  • MCII series

Magnet with M6x10mm thread.
Magnet 25mm: 15 kg load capacity
Magnet 32mm: 22 kg load capacity

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COO: Third country goods
HS Code: 85051100
Weight: 27-41 grams