Helmet lights: Flex Hold

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Attaching a helmet and light is often a challenge. However, with the Flex Hold, this is no longer a problem. As long as the front of the safety helmet offers enough space, the flexible holder can be easily attached using the included 3M adhesive tape. After that, all of our helmet lights with the appropriate holders can be easily plugged in .

Safety certificates from the most common helmet manufacturers are available. Further details can be found in the data sheet below.

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Product Information

Helmet lights: Flex Hold
Helmet lights: Flex Hold Sale price€8,21 EUR
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Compatible to
  • IX series
  • MCII series
  • 6003 series

Safety certificates from helmet manufacturers:

Helmet light holder: KS-2140(+KS-2150) / KS-2190 / KS-2180
Helmet light: KS-6800 & KS-6810

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EAN-CODE: 0758176884220
Customs tariff numbers: 39269097
country of origin: Germany
Product dimensions: 60mm x 53mm x 15mm
Packaging dimensions: 170mm x 125mm x 16mm
Weight: 22 grams

Scope of delivery: KS-5030
Scope of delivery: cleaning cloth
Scope of delivery: 3M adhesive tape
Scope of delivery: Instructions